Is over!

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*4/11/07 Dirty Dancing workshops, Carmen workshops and Freshest Kids workshop all sold out!


*3/11/07 Dirty Dancing sold out and the audience had the time of their lives!*


*1/11/07 The Turning Point sold out!*


*1/11/07 DANCE:FILM 07 on BBC Radio Scotland's Movie Cafe*


*31/10/07 BBoys, BGirls, make sure you come down to the Filmhouse on Friday 2nd November for Freshest Kids: History of the B-Boy. Psychostylez will be showing off their tricks from 17.30 onwards outside Filmhouse!*


*30/10/07 Carmen sold out!*


*29/10/07 DANCE:FILM 07 begins with On the Town!*


*24/10/07 Shorts programme launched*


Dance Base and Filmhouse have joined forces with the help of Scottish Screen to bring you a celebration of dance and film. We will be bringing you a feature film every evening in Filmhouse Cinema One and at the end of the week, inspired by these fantastic films, you can try out the dances for yourselves in a series of workshops and events in the beautiful award-winning studios at Dance Base.


For the first time in Scotland, a National Dance Agency and an independent cinema have come together to take you on a journey to discover the diverse facets of dance in film. There are many types of Dance Films and we will be showing you an example of each: be it the Hollywood musical, the documentary, the cinematic interpretation of a live dance work, a mainstream classic or a critically-acclaimed dance film.


There will also be two programmes of shorts featuring dance that will showcase the hottest new filmmaking talent around. We want to show you documentaries about dance styles that you’ve never heard of, see films you never got round to watching, relive the classics and most of all, celebrate the glorious synergy of dance and film whether you’re a dancer, dance fan, filmgoer, filmmaker or none of the above.


On 19 Nov 2006, Jason Solomons wrote in The Observer about why people love dance films. He mentions the feel-good factor about dance films that leaves people with the sensation of “walking on air”. With this festival, we know it will leave you “dancing on air!”