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DANCE:FILM is Scotland's premier dance film festival


On 19 Nov 2006, Jason Solomons wrote in The Observer about why people love dance films. He mentioned the feel-good factor about dance films that leaves people with the sensation of “walking on air”. And it was out of this premise that DANCE:FILM was born.


Originally an idea from Steph Wright, Programme Manager at Dance Base, Scotland’s National Centre for Dance, DANCE:FILM developed into a collaboration with Filmhouse, Scotland’s leading independent cinema. With Beverley Nicolson, the Education & Events Co-ordinator (at the time) at Filmhouse, and invaluable support from Scottish Screen, DANCE:FILM 07 was the ultimate celebration of dance and film.


With a week-long programme of feature films, documentaries, shorts programmes, special events and dance workshops, DANCE:FILM programmed examples of all the manifestations of the relationship between the two artforms, dance and films. In addition, audience members were invited to get stuck in themselves and take part in dance workshops inspired by the films shown during the week.


DANCE:FILM 07 was a unique celebration of two age-old art forms: dance and film. It was also the first time in Scotland where a national dance agency and an independent cinema have come together to celebrate their respective art forms and the varied ways in which they have crossed over. Both Dance Base and Filmhouse, leading organisations in their fields, wanted to create a synergy between the moving image and the moving body by developing their respective audiences. It was a perfect example of two art forms working together to bring their work to everyone. DANCE:FILM’s programming of dance workshops also proved to be a unique element of the festival.


As the first dance film festival of its kind in Scotland, it was full of originality and combined the cinema experience with dance exploration.


After the success of DANCE:FILM 07 in October/November 2007, DANCE:FILM returned in May 2009, bigger, bolder and better!


With Dance Base and Filmhouse coming together again supported by Scottish Screen, DANCE:FILM 09 involved several new partners including the Confucius Institute for Scotland, the Edinburgh International Film Festival and the Goethe Institut. Edinburgh Inspiring Capital increased its involvement this year and Quadrille Media once again supported the shorts programme.


The ethos of the Festival continues with the celebration of dance on screen in all its forms. Having expanded from a seven-day event to a 10-day event, DANCE:FILM 09’s programme consisted of 12 feature presentations, 4 shorts programmes, two lectures, eight dance workshops, one professional choreographic lab, one education project, a big breakdance event and an art installation in Dance Base and Filmhouse.


The festival goes from strength to strength and remains unique in its all encompassing approach to dance on screen. It continues to develop audiences for both artforms. Once again DANCE:FILM has striven to achieve a cross-platform audience for its activities, and develop its audiences of all cultures/ethnicities/ages/gender for dance and film.


The idea for DANCE:FILM 10 was inspired by Director Steph Wright's visit to the Berwick Film and Media Festival. The format of having a big festival every two years with a mini one with a slightly different focus in the year between seemed like a good idea for DANCE:FILM. Once again, with the support of Scottish Screen, DANCE:FILM 10 was given the go ahead in May 2010 and was a small outing with the focus on live screendance performance work and pre-curated programmes. In the exciting climate of the new Creative Scotland, DANCE:FILM 10 consisted of DANCE:FILM 10 Fringe and DANCE:FILM 10 Tour which toured a reduced programme from DANCE:FILM 09 to Glasgow, Inverness and Dundee in November/December 2010. DANCE:FILM 10 Fringe brought on a new partners Metro Ecosse and Scottish Ballet whilst continuing the strong relationship with the Goethe Institut.


DANCE:FILM remains unique in its format and hopes to bring new audiences from dance and film to screendance and all its manifestations.


2011 sees DANCE:FILM being run by Dance Film HQ Ltd, a Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered in Scotland SC401538. Registered Address: c/o 14 Wilfrid Terrace, Edinburgh, EH8 7DH, UK. Dance Film HQ was incorporated by Steph Wright to develop and grow DANCE:FILM.


Due to funding cuts, DANCE:FILM 11 was the festival's first outing without funding. Determined to continue the festival despite funding setbacks, the festival was smaller smaller than 2009's but there was no compromise on programming quality. Comprising of two European premieres and two UK premieres, the 2011 programme was critically well received with solid audience numbers.


DANCE:FILM 13 will be the second outing of the festival as an independently funded project. DANCE:FILM would not be possible without the core valuable support of the teams at Filmhouse and Dance Base and also of designer Emma Quinn who has supported the festival right from its inception. 

DANCE:FILM 13 was the final DANCE:FILM outing. The very last task undertaken by DANCE:FILM was managing the dance film programme for British Dance Edition 2014.

Dance Film HQ Ltd ceased to trade in February 2014 and applied to be struck off the Companies House register in May 2014.


About us

DANCE:FILM is Scotland's premier dance film festival in the beautiful capital city of Edinburgh. It is organised by Dance Film HQ Ltd a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in Scotland, SC401538 *the company ceased trading in Feb 2014 and was unregistered in May 2014*

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