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Saturday 12th November, 18.00, Filmhouse, £7.50 (£5.50), BOOK ONLINE NOW

Dir: Mark Sandrich, 1937, USA, 109 mins, U

The seventh of Fred and Ginger’s wonderful on screen collaborations, Shall We Dance tells the tale of a ballet star (Astaire) falling for a tap dancer (Rogers). Of course with these classics, it’s never that straightforward and hilarity and unforgettable dance sequences ensure. With a fabulous score by George Gershwin, the magic of Fred and Ginger will leave you dancing on air!


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Sunday 13th November, 15.30, Cameo, £7.30 (£5.80), BOOK ONLINE NOW

Dir: Alex Reuben, 2011, UK, 60 mins, PG


Following on from his acclaimed Routes: Dancing to New Orleans (2008, screened at DANCE:FILM 09), Alex Reuben brings NEWSREEL 1 to Cameo and DANCE:FILM 11. Newsreel 1 is London turned inside out. A treasure hunt navigated by dance, sound, rivers and improvisation. Produced with the tight turnaround that digital production allows, the film is created right up to the moment of projection. Cultural, social and political events are filmed by Reuben – the motion of marching bodies, improvised music, dance and live art - to create vibrant, life-affirming cinema. Check out Telegraph review

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Sunday 13th November, 18.00, Filmhouse, £7.50 (£5.50), BOOK ONLINE NOW

Dir: Fabian Kimoto, 2010, Switzerland, 75 mins, PG

You have to give up your old life before you can begin a new one” Eight members of the Roc Kidz Crew, one of the most authentic hip hop crews on the circuit, uproot their lives and embark on a tour through the south of Europe that promises neither profit nor fame bringing dance to the masses. A journey full of surprises and positive encounters: with their love of dance, music and freedom, the Roc Kidz Crew radiate a pure zest for life that crosses all borders.

Director Fabian Kimoto will be introducing the film by Skype

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Monday 14th November, 18.15 Filmhouse, £7.50 (£5.50), BOOK ONLINE NOW

Dir: Bob Hercules & Gordon Quinn, 2011, USA. 90 mins, PG

A Good Man follows internationally acclaimed director/choreographer Bill T. Jones for two tumultuous years, as he tackles the most ambitious work of his career, an original dance-theatre piece in honour of Abraham Lincoln's Bicentennial. This is fascinating insight into the creative process of a choreographer, as he struggles with conflicting emotions about the subject of the piece. Director Gordon Quinn will be in Edinburgh to introduce the screening and hold a Q&A after the film.

Listen here to Gareth Vile's interview with director, Gordon Quinn, on Vile Arts Radio Hour on Subcity Radio.

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