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Tango de Soledad Tango de Soledad

Tango de Soledad & t'es pas le seule

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Duration of Festival, Mon-Fri 09.00-18.00, Sat 09.00-17.00, FREE

A double bill of 3D stereoscopic installations from artist Billy Cowie. Presented on a 110 inch electric screen in The Home Cinema Centre.

Tango de Soledad

Tango de Soledad (Tango of Solitude) is a 5 minute dance solo choreographed by Billy Cowie and danced by Amy Hollingsworth. It is a life sized stereoscopic installation. The dance is based around Cowie's Tango No 3 for Cello and Piano (played by himself and Wei-Tsen Lin) and his poem Tango de Soledad which is recited in Spanish by Clara Garcia Fraile. The piece is performed against specially constructed drawings (by Silke Mansholt) and uses similar techniques to In the Flesh to give the viewer the impression that they are sharing the space with a real life sized solid dancer.

Tango de Soledad

one two
count without thinking
three four
move without stepping
five six
hold without touching
seven eight
love without...

how clearly
I remember
your instructions
and I know
you would have been pleased
that finally
in your absence
we dance perfectly
as one

one two
cry without tears
three four
turn without moving
five six
miss without grieving
seven eight
love without...



Choreography - Billy Cowie
Dancer - Amy Hollingsworth
Cello - Wei-Tsen Lin
Voice - Clara Garcia Fraile
Drawings - Silke Mansholt
Costume – Holly Murray
Lighting – Adam Hooper
Production manager – Victoria Melody
Directed – Billy Cowie
Filmed at the Nightingale, Brighton 2010
Commissioned by South East Dance


t'es pas la seule

Choreography and music Billy Cowie
Dancers Mariana di Silverio
Voices Lucie Robson and Cathryn Robson
Texts Robert Desnos
Art design Silke Mansholt


Three short dances presented in the form of a looped (5 mins) stereoscopic installation. Mariana performs with three exceedingly similar friends to three French songs about a badger, a leopard and an eighteen metre high ant.

La fourmi, Le blaireau et Le leopard from Chantefables et Chantefleurs de Robert Desnos © Éditions Gründ, 1957

Funded by Arts Council England and supported by University of Brighton

Premiered in Danca em Foco in Sao Paulo July 2011

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