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Dorian C Dorian C

Dorian C

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Dir: Rebecca Arndt, 22 mins 30 secs, 2013, USA, UK PREMIERE

Screened with Dreamworld in the DANCE:FILM Bites programme

One night, Dorian falls asleep on her couch while looking at old photographs. These images unearth memories in Dorian, that she though she had severed ties to. When she awakens, she finds herself consumed by these recollections. These are Dorian’s darkest places, made up of faces she wishes to forget, and decisions made that she still questions. That night on the couch, they all come flooding back to her. Dorian is determined to maintain stability in her present life. She decides to employ her keepsakes as a medium to the past, physically reconnecting herself to these buried memories. She assures herself that by facing them, they will lose the potency to haunt her.

But Dorian underestimates the power of these memories. As she labors to rewrite the past through repeated pantomime and reenactments with her mementos, she is visited by a figure only referred to as the Other. This body, born in the folds of an old dress, does not agree with Dorian’s new plan. The Other has its own interpretation of their shared history, whatever that may be. Over the course of a night, and into the light of day, Dorian and the Other endure a fierce battle for “ownership” of the past. Their argument is never interrupted by the outside world, except for a confused woman who keeps calling and leaving messages on the machine. She is perhaps another piece of the past, desperate to join this violent, nocturnal reunion. 

Rebecca Arndt: Director

Rebecca Arndt was raised in Boston, Massachusetts. She received a Bachelor of Arts from Hampshire College in 2003, with a degree in narrative film production. Soon after graduating, she moved to New York City, first working in post-production as an assistant editor for documentary companies. In 2005, Rebecca began working with Florentine Films/ Hott Productions, and over the past 7 years, has production managed or associate produced many documentary programs with them, including “Through Deaf Eyes” which won a Dupont award in 2008, and “The War of 1812” for PBS. At the same time, Rebecca has enjoyed a career as a camera operator and assistant cameraperson. She was invited to join NY IATSE local 600 and currently works as a first assistant on many of the feature films, music videos, commercials, webisodes and television shows, produced in the city today.

Rebecca started WAC inc in 2008, an HD camera rental and operating business. Rebecca founded WAC inc so she could pursue projects that she found personally fascinating. WAC inc has become a place for Rebecca and her collaborators to explore and experiment in filmmaking without the compromises that come with commercial productions. Since starting the business, Rebecca has shot music videos, narrative shorts, experimental instillation pieces, documentaries, and now Dorian C.

Eva Perrotta: Choreographer

Born in France, Eva is an independent choreographer and performer. She is the funder and artistic director of Nu Dance Theater. Her work is constantly questioning and reinventing imagery and the meaning behind it, inviting performers and audience members to find new ways of experiencing movement through the archetypal stories our body holds in visceral memories. She is always looking to collaborate with different media to broaden her exploration of movement and create performances that embrace all senses.

Her artistic path first started studying theater before she pursued her dance training in Buenos Aires with Diana Theocharidis and Estella Erman and in New York City at the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance. Her work has been seen in many venues such as Dixon Place, Theresa Lang Theater, Dance New Amsterdam, The Puffing Room, Boston University Theater, White wave festival, Merce Cunningham Studio Theater, The Theater for the new city, Aurillac and Avignon festival in France to site a few.

In 2009 and 2010 Nu Dance Theater was commissioned by the LAB Gallery for installation + Performing Arts at the Rogers Smith Hotel, Triskelion Arts and Martha Graham School for contemporary dance to create new work. Since 2010 the company is focusing on site specific performances involving unexpected spaces such as former Synagogue renovated into a contemporary living space, a botanical garden, a vintage store, stair cases and elevators. 


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