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Tournée Cadenza Tournée Cadenza

Tournée Cadenza

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Dir: Tournée Cadenza, 5 mins, 2013, Chile, WORLD PREMIERE

Screening with freedom2dance n the DANCE:FILM Bites programme

Through the poetics of the body in motion, Tournée Cadenza embarks on an unknown journey into the abstract and recondite emotional state of vulnerability and the strength demanded to face each new experience. The temporal state of each moment suggests a voyage convening at the meeting of the power of a body in action and the delicacy of its motion, with admiration for the ethereal beauty of its convergent flow.


Carlos Dittborn: Director

Carlos Dittborn Callejas was born in Santiago, Chile in 1978. From an early age, he showed great interest and skills in arts, exploring drawing, oil painting, poetry, photograph and music, resulting in what would become his great passion, cinema. In 1997 he was admitted to Film Studies at the ARCIS University where he took interest in the fields of Direction, Editing and Writing.

He began working in audiovisual production in Chile in 2001, participated as Film Editor and Assistant Director (in some cases) in major projects such as features films, documentaries, short films and as Editor for television fiction dramas and cultural programs for the last 10 years. In 2004 he founded Cinemadiccion Audiovisual Production, focusing on the realisation of cinematographic productions and audiovisual products with an artistic view. As Director of audiovisual products ventured into business products, with the realisation of TV advertising, institutional and training videos for companies.

The Music, his second great passion, is an important complement for his audiovisual production. Carlos has been bassist and a songwriter for 15 years, has recorded two LP albums and has performed live in over 100 shows in Chile and Argentina. This experience has enabled him to have an extensive knowledge of rhythm and carry into the direction of music videos, live performances recordings and for the edition of Tv Documentaries about popular music.

His interests in exploring new forms of artistic expression has led him inside the world of contemporary dance, working on projects that have aimed to integrate the film technique, the video support and the broad-ranging of the dance language. He has directed and edited several award-winning DanceVideos productions, many of them FONDART* winning projects. He has also produced contemporary dance live choreographies, led by young Chilean choreographers.

Carlos also has a teaching background, for over five years, he was the head instructor in Digital Editing Course at La Toma Film Insitute, as well as continually offering training courses in Digital Editing and Film Post-Production for audiovisual professionals in various regions through Chile.

His latest work as Director is the short film "Pristine in Torment" (2011), where he worked closely with the Contemporary Dance Collective Rosita Nillinsky in the writing procedures, choreography and production of this ambitious audiovisual production. He is currently based in London working in the Post-Production stage of his documentary "Chilean Vademecum."

* Audiovisual Fund & FONDART: Funds awarded annually by the National Council for Culture and Arts of the Government of Chile, to the most outstanding artistic projects nationwide. 




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