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Dir: Milo de Prieto, 8 mins, 2013, Spain, WORLD PREMIERE

Screened  as part of Dance For Camera programme

hi(e)r is a short movie of movement and choreography taking place in domestic and evocative spaces to explore the tension in a relationship. The audience is left to consider if the relationship is real, a memory, or simply longing. Moments of harmony and connection disassemble into moments of miscommunication and conflicting desires. Cliche, sublime, and even awkward movements combine to give a glimpse into a season that every relationship enters, an inequality of longing where one or both are not here in the same space nor can hear the other.

Choreographed by William Lu and Original music by Dexter Britain.

Dancers: Joseba Yerro Izaguirre and Gaetano Montecasino. 



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