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Dir: Boris Seewald, 6 mins 43 secs, 2012, Germany, SCOTTISH PREMIERE

Screened as part of Dance with Camera programme

For some it is just an ordinary party snack but for Patrick, who tells his story in the short film by Boris Seewald, a tortilla chip started his moment of self-discovery.

With exuberant dancing and magical passion he shares his inspiration and invites everyone to participate. Even his mother.

With the score by award-winning composer Ralf Hildenbeutel, this truly original and entertaining film (winner of the Dioraphte Cinedans Jury Award - the highest for dance film worldwide) explores the concept of spontaneous authenticity and the perfect synopsis of body and soul - through a tortilla chip and dance.


Boris Seewald: Animator, Director, Editor, Preview Return, Print Return, Print Shipper, Producer, Submission Contact, Writer
Raised in Central-West Germany, Boris Seewald first ventured into digital media design and played music in various bands. He moved to Berlin in 2005 with a clear intention of pursuing a career in film, and began work on his own film projects and developing work experience in this field. Owing to his innate ability to coordinate image and sound, Boris seeks his form of expression in the rhythmical illustration of music. Boris Seewald is primarily self taught, though he is currently a student at the film school and has combined his studies with freelancing work in the area of directing and editing. His award-winning music video for “The Feast” by Ralf Hildenbeutel and short Film "Momentum" (more than 10 Awards) ran at numerous film festivals worldwide.


Ralf Hildenbeutel: Original Music/Composer
Ralf Hildenbeutel, who lives in Frankfurt and Paris, is a composer and producer. In the 90s he produced and co-wrote the albums from SVEN VÄTH, produced an endless number of remixes of artists such as ANNE CLARK, ROBERT PALMER and YELLO. He played live on the MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL with his electro/dance project EARTH NATION and released the award-winning soundtrack HOMMAGE A NOIR (Goldmedal New York Filmfestival). Later he produced top ten artists such as LAITH AL-DEEN, YVONNE CATTERFELD and SIMON COLLINS. For many years he has been concentrating on film music and together with Stevie B-Zet has composed the music for films such as VINCENT WILL MEER and AUSGERECHNET SIBIRIEN. 


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