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Off Ground

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Dir: Boudewijn Koole, 12 mins 20 secs, 2013, Netherlands, UK PREMIERE

Screened as part of Dance for Camera programme

A light grey room. A slender woman of 50 and a 12 year old boy. Joined together like the links of a chain. Changing positions at a constant rate. One flowing movement. Never losing touch with each other. A game played by a mother and her child. A kind of tango. Sound of feet. Breathing. Faint smiles. Until suddenly the woman's hands let go of each other.

Boudewijn Koole - Director

Boudewijn Koole (The Netherlands, 1965) is a Dutch film director and creative producer at his own film company JvdW film. He graduated in 1991 as an Industrial Designer at the University of Technology in Delft. Boudewijn started as a documentary filmmaker right after his studies. For years he made short and feature length documentaries for Dutch television and he specialized in youth documentaries. At JvdW film, he advises filmmakers during the development, the shooting and the editing of their films.During the last years he also writes and directs fiction film. His fiction films ‘Maite was here’ and ‘Drawn out of Love’ where nominated for Best TV Drama at the Dutch Film Festival and the Beeld & Geluid Award. Many will know Boudewijn from his last film Kauwboy/Little Bird (2012), about a little boy and his unexpected friendship with an abandoned baby jackdaw. Kauwboy/Little Bird won the Best First Feature Award at the Berlinale and the Grand Prix of the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk Award for best Youth Film. Internationally Kauwboy/Little Bird won about 30 prices and the film was sold to more than14 countries.Nowadays he is working on two new fiction films, “Beyond Sleep” (based upon the book from author W.F. Hermans) and ‘’Disappearing’’, both international co-productions.

Louise Lecavalier - Dancer

Louise Lecavalier (1958) is a Canadian dancer, known as one of the icons of Canadian contemporary dance. Lecavalier was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. She began her professional dance career at the age of eighteen when she joined Le Groupe Nouvelle Aire. It was there that she met Édouard Lock. Lecavalier became Lock's main character and inspiration in his company La La La Human Steps. With her mane of platinum dreadlocks, her physical power and her mastery of the full-body barrel jump, which looks like a horizontal pirouette, her image was a signature for the company. She was the perfect embodiment of Lock's frenetic and technically punishing androgynous aesthetic in works such as Human Sex (1985) and Infante, c'est destroy (1991). In 2003, she appeared with Tedd Robinson in Lula and the Sailor as part of a concert of duets choreographed by Robinson. In the winter of 2005, she co-produced Cobalt Rouge with the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, the Biennale di Venizia and Théâtre de la Ville in Paris. On April 7, 2010 she was awarded the Order of Canada. On December 7, 2012, her piece "So Blue" premiered in Düsseldorf. It was her first dance choreography.




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