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Dir: Charli Brissey and Courtney Harris, 3 mins 10 secs, 2013, USA, INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE

Screened as part of Dance for Camera programme

PAS is satirical comedy grounded in a queer exploration of the ballet tradition, a tradition notoriously structured through Western ideologies of beauty, grace, and the feminine.Boudewijn Koole - Director

Charli Brissey: Choreographer, Cinematographer/DP, Co-Writer, Editor, Print Return, Print Shipper, Sound Editor, Supporting

Charli Brissey currently resides in Richmond, Virginia where she makes work with her body and with cameras. Her pieces have been categorized as the following: dance, dance film, experimental video, documentary film, queer art, political art, and new media. Bridging the gap between the visual and the performance, Brissey presents work in a variety of venues and spaces familiar to the dance community, the film community, and the visual arts community. Presentations have included The Grace Street Theater, The Performance Garage, Dance New Amsterdam, Dance on Camera Festival (NYC), Dance for Reel Festival, Dansensdag.uk Sixty Second Film Festival, Video Dance Festival of Burgundy, Cinedans Dance For Camera Festival, and The Live Arts and Philly Fringe Festival. Brissey has been awarded multiple Graduate Research Grants from Virginia Commonwealth University to conduct and present her research on queer representation, and has recently been awarded a 2013-2014 Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Graduate Fellowship for her work in film and video.

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