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Todo Abuso Será Castigado

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Dir: Carlos Ximenez, 1 min 4 secs, 2012, Mexico, EUROPEAN PREMIERE

Screening as part of Dance With Camera programme

From station to station in the asphalt jungle. A dream in the Mexico City's subway, or perhaps a nightmare.

In this short dance film we use a daily activity, a daily situation to create an unusual one, a passenger falls asleep during the trip, something that happens very often but his dream goes in a unusual direction, even for him. This time we use a urban scenery, in labor hours, so the people in this film, besides the performer are regular costumers of the subway.


Carlos Ximenez: Director, Cinematographer/DP, Digital Effects,  Editor, Producer

Visual artist / multimedia production - Bachelor of Visual Arts - Diploma in stage production - ENAP Xochimilco, ENAP San Carlos. Has practiced live video manipulation for nine years. His thematic focuses its a reflection on the body and life. Consider the video as an extension of painting and vj as an act against the flow of television leaderless. Currently develops video dance and video installation


G'Ayla Iliria Villanueva: Assistant Art Director, Choreographer, Co-Producer
Choreographer-Dancer - Bachelor Psicolgía - specialties in Dance Therapy
Has practice Dance and Choreography for over 10 years. The core of her work is the body as a projection of the psyche. Behold the new visual and technological media as an extension of the body and the psyche, which has led her to explore with the media in their choreographic proposals.
Currently developing dance dance video and multimedia live

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